Alight Motion Pro+Mod Apk Latest Version 2022 (Free Subscription)


Every person wants to look good. You can make your image or video more attractive and interesting if you have a good camera lens with image-clicking ethics. This only happens when you have a good location in your background. Many others are experts at clicking images but fail to remove unwanted stuff from their videos. Such stuff cannot be removed without any editing application. The best editing application can make your image more interesting and beautiful.

This is only about images or videos. In some circumstances, you have to create graphics to enhance the beauty of your work. Editing videos and creating graphics and images is the best art. Many people could do this work, but you can make awesome motion videos if you have a good sense of humor and creative thinking. Nowadays, motion videos are liked by many people because motion videos provide peace of mind. If you continuously watch any motion video, you will lose yourself in the arena of that video.

Many video editing applications provide different editing tools with which you can edit your images and videos. Nowadays, one of the best multiple editing tools with easy understanding features, creative inc. introducing the alight motion application. Alight motion apk is the best editing application in which you can edit your images and videos, and most importantly, you can create your graphics and motion videos. This is a professional editing tool.


In simple words, if you are looking for an editing tool to make your image look more attractive, this is for you. Alight motion is the development of alight creative inc. In this application, you would be able to do editing of your videos according to your needs and requirement. You have not stopped only editing, but you can have the visual effects, creation of graphics, motion videos, animation videos, and video compositing. Why do you go for another application when you have all the features? All you can get in a single application.

When you start using this application, you will know how much the specious application is alight motion with all the editing tools. The alight motion pro apk comes in two variants. One is an alight motion pc application, and the other is an alight motion pro application. Alight motion pro is the professional and premium version, and it fulfills all the draws backs and flaws of editing applications that can face by users.

Alight motion pro is a professional and business-related application in which you are bound to edit only your videos. Still, you can also have the opportunity to cover the events. Alight motion is specially designed for android users and can easily operate on android devices. If you don’t have an android device, you can also use it on IOS by downloading the IOS version of alight motion mod. People face many complications because such applications need high-performance laptops and professional skills, but you don’t need all kinds of this stuff. You can download alight motion premium on your android device and start your editing on it.

Alight motion pro free is compressed in size, and it does not need any special android device to run this software. If your device has android version 6.0 and up, it can easily run on it. Alight has the specialty of creating the best motion and graphics videos. Understand the features of this application and start your professional work with this application.


Alight motion apk download is the modded version application. Apk is the android package kit in which you will have all the features unlocked, and you can easily access all those paid features. You will need to pay charges per item if you access those features. Alight motion hack mod apk is the upgraded version of the standard version. All items are paid, and you will have some features for free use that can easily make your video more interesting. There will be changes you will find; instead, you have unlocked all tools.

Alight motion download pc application is a professional and demanded editing tool with a motion video tool, graphic tool, and most importantly, you can create quality animation cartoons. This mod application is not only for expert users, you can read the user guide, and then you can also use it on your android device. You can also use these advanced tools if you are a beginner.

If you are new and want to enhance your editing and designing skills, the alight motion hack apk will help you from start to end. Utilize such tools and make your work more attractive. Alight motion without watermark is the third-party application that has unlocked the paid items, and there will be no need to pay for them.

When you start using this application, you will have the understanding tools with no complications you will face. It is the modified and upgraded version of the standard alight application. Outside developers make some changes in the codes as they have disabled the paid items functions and premium version. Now you can easily access any function, items, and features in the alight motion apk no watermark without paying any cost. You don’t need to purchase a subscription to this alight app.


 NAMEAlight motion mod apk
 UPDATEDSeptember 6, 2022
 VERSION 4.2.2


Multiple features of alight motion must be considered here for our users. Read the following features that will help you use the tools of the alight app.

Multiple Layers Editing Tool

This is the first and best tool of alight motion. As you know, this is the editing application of videos and audio. It not only edits your videos but also gives a smart look to your images. This application has the multi-layer editing of audio and videos. 

Muti layer editing means you can edit the video in chunks. If you don’t want to edit the full video, you can select a single chunk and then edit it. This scenario will same apply to audio editing. 

Vector And Bitmap Graphics

In the history of editing applications, this is the first time you can edit vector and bitmap graphics in the alight motion application. People who are editing designers and love editing videos, audio, and other objects will know about vectors and bitmap. 

We also have some new users who don’t know vector and bitmap graphics. The vector image is such an image that cannot lose its pixels and graphics when you zoom in or zoom out. They work on the mechanism of mathematical calculation. 

When you edit your vector image, you can easily zoom out your image and then apply your editing expertise. So, you can make your image more interesting and attractive. 

Alight motion can work on sensitive and more feeble images. If you want to edit a bitmap image, you can zoom out the image and edit each block of the image. The final image can be seen by zooming in the image. 

Building Block Effects 

Alight motion introduces an amazing feature, and that is building block effects. Building effect means you can create your video shot by shot and then adjust those shots to compose a proper video. 

If you want to enjoy your visual effects, you can use this feature. You will have the 160+ basic effects building blocks. Using all those blocks, you will have an amazing visual effect video. Compose your work in the minimum time. 

Keyframe Animation 

This application also has the keyframe for animation. Keyframe animation describes the starter and end node of any transition. Transition can be audio or video. When you start editing, you can use this feature to help you with video quality or audio at every point. You can manually increase or decrease the quality of your work. This keyframe feature will break down your work into two parts that will help you to make your work more accurate and interesting. This alight app can edit 2D, 3D, and graphics motion animations.

Child And Parent Layer

This is a professional and business-level application in which you can design your videos on a professional level. Here is another amazing tool of this application: parent and child layer animation. With this tool, you can do multiple tasks. If you have two characters in the same composition, you can perform multiple tasks with them. 

Make the first character a parent and the other a child. If you want that child layer to work as a parent, you can do it in this tool. It is not mandatory child perform such tasks as the parent does. Child characters perform multiple tasks like they can do their work and also have the capability to perform the parent’s work. 

 Multi Cameras

Camera applications in any android device enhance the beauty of images. If your image is not clicked to the beauty cameras, we have amazing camera effects that make your photos more attractive. Use this feature in your work so you can easily edit your photos. 

Apply effects on your images is not editing. You can change the background of your image, blur the unwanted things from your frames, and, most important, pan the image objects in the image. It also supports the fog feature. Apply foggy weather to your image to make it cooler. 

Grouping And Masking 

Alight motion is a professional editing tool used by many professional editors. Alight motion has amazing tools that help the designer edit their images. 

Different tools have different properties; like masking tool is another marvelous in which you can make the mask of your image or video. Mask means selecting the specific part of your image and then making it according to your requirement. 

You can make different masks in a single layer and then edit them. You will select the different parts of the image and then apply filters to make it real. 

Grouping is also the same working scenario. In grouping, you need to select the group of the image and then make it into masks. 

Color Adjustment 

In this feature of alight motion, you will have multiple color effects and adjustments in which you can adjust the colors of your images and their tunes and brighten your videos. You can brighten the images and easily fill the color in your work and make it more attractive. Choose the best colors so you can enhance the beauty of stuff. 

This feature is not only for the color adjustment already in the image, and you can easily fill in more colors in your work. The more colorful picture has more attraction. 

Books Marks

When you start using alight motion, you will have another bookmarks feature. In this feature, you can mark your current work, and when you want to re-access it, you can easily get it. You don’t need to search for the whole files and other folders to get your recent work. You can get it back in a fraction of a second. No more wait will be required to get to your previous work. Another amazing benefit of this tool is that you can easily change your work. If you get bored with your current task, you can mark it and save it for the next time then you can start another project in the same account. 

Velocity Motion Blur

A very important and demanded feature of any editing application is blur motion. In this velocity motion blur, you will have different layers of editing, like the intensity of the image, minimum and maximum velocity of the image, and depth of the image. It also includes camera velocity rotation. You can edit your image in depth. A single work on your image gives you immense quality editing in alight motion. 

Exports Of Medias 

You don’t need to use converter media to convert your media because alight motion has an amazing tool with name export media. This tool has a different converter that can help you convert your media into the required media. Mp4 video can be converted into audio and Giff files. Giff files are usually used for short audio images. 

If you have the mp4 video, you can convert it into stills. These stills can edit at your personal choice. You can select any still and can edit it according to your requirement. 

Sharing Projects 

People love to praise your work if you have done something new. This feature will help you to share your projects with the public. It means you can offer your work to the public and earn enough. 

If you do something unique for the people, they will definitely attract you and demand it for their personal work. Alight motion allows you to create your graphic motions. 

Solid And Gradient Color 

As you know, this is a professional-level editing application that can edit your work professionally, so millions of downloads have been done of this application on the google store. This application has solid and gradient effects colors that give an immense and hot look to your graphics. You can also use these gradient effects in your graphic motion videos. 

Usually, it is seen that these colors reduce the picture quality or make the pixels tempted. But these gradient effects will keep your picture quality remains safe and accurate. You can even add the exact color of numbers to the specific area of the image. 

Border Shadow Effects  

You can make your work more interesting and attractive by applying borders and stroke shadows to your graphic. You can even change the shape of your border from square to circular and curved. You can easily change the square border image if you don’t like it. 

Shadow on the borders of any image makes it hotter. Border shadow color can also be selected from the colors folder. These color folders have numerous colors that will help you enhance your work’s beauty. You can give your graphic stroke effects as well.

Custom Font Support 

A long list of fonts style is in the alight motion. When you need to write something on your graphics, you can easily choose your font style. 

Customization of font is not only bound to the font, but you can also change the color of font, style of font, and size. Long support of font styles and color available in the alight motion. 

Quick Work Option 

You need to perform quick action in alight motion. You don’t need to make more effort and get fewer rewards. This is the smart era, and people love to do quick and smart work. This is the most important feature of alight motion. If you have done some creative work and want to do the same on another graphic, you can select each editing layer and paste it into your new composition. 

Save Your Creative elements.

This feature will help you keep your items safe for the next time. If you make some creative items or elements, not in the given alight application, you can keep them safe. You don’t need to download another application to save items. Within this application, you may easily keep it or retrieve it whenever you want. 


There are some mod features of the alight motion mod apk that make it more efficient that its standard version. Here some mod features of alight motion are discussed below.

Subscription Charges

When you download the standard version of alight motion from the google play store, you have to pay for each item, and it cannot be accessed when you purchase the subscription to this application. You will also need to pay for extra pro items when you purchase the subscription. Therefore, we introduced an amazing free mod version of alight motion that doesn’t need any subscription. 

Ads Free 

Ads are a very annoying feature for any application. You have also experienced that ads pop up when you are in the last stage of your destination, and they ruin all your excitement. Ads are part of the standard version, and if you want to get rid of these ads, you must download the mod version apk file. These mod files do not carry any ads with them. Alight motion mod apk also avoids ads, and there are no ad codes in the apk file. Feel free to download and use this mod apk file. 

Import keys 

If you are working on one layer of your composition, you may import the same key for your other composition. This mod feature will help you to make less effort and get more work. Use a similar key for your other composition layer. 

Chroma key

Another amazing mod feature of this application is that it has a chroma key. Chroma key is such key that has a large range of colors and color information. You can get information about your graphic motion and set your favorite colors in it. 

If you shoot any video in chroma key, you would be able to replace your video person with the required person. This is the most important and widely used feature of alight motion. Usually, this feature is used for high-level graphics.

 No lag 

Usually, users think that mod files have viruses and bugs that can harm the user’s device. This mod doesn’t carry any viruses or bugs. This mod file is so compressed and compatible with all android devices. No lag issues you will face in this application. Start your editing without lagging behind your videos. 


There are some benefits of mod files which are given below.

  • You don’t need to download it again from the google play store. Once you downloaded the file you can keep it saved on your android device. If you accidentally deleted the file, you can retrieve it from your download folder.
  • All are unlocked with unlimited time features. You can access any items from this mod for free.
  • No verification will be required to download or use this file.


Follow the given steps so you can easily get your mod in the minimum time.

  • You can see the download button for the alight motion mod apk on the home page.
  • As you tap that button it will take you to the next page with the download link.
  • Download link will appear countdown completed.
  • Click on the link and your program will starts downloading.
  • Keep one thing about the installation of the program, you have enabled the permission to unknown resources.
  • So, your mobile firewall would not restrict the outsource files.
  • After downloading has finished, you can easily install the program.
  • The icon of the application will appear on the screen as the installation process is completed.


What is the latest version of the alight motion mod apk?

Alight motion mod apk file cannot be updated by itself. If you are using the mod version, you need to update it manually. always keeps an eye on updates of alight motion. You will always get an updated version from here. The latest version of this application is 4.2.2. 

Is alight motion premium membership free?

Premium membership cannot be accessed for free. You need to pay for it. But if you download the mod version, you will have all the features unlocked and free. 

Is alight motion available on pc?

It is the smart time, and every person works smartly. There is no need to develop 2 versions with the same works. Here is an application with the name blue stack that is specially used for android applications. With this application, you can use an android application on your pc. 


You have already gained knowledge about alight motion application, which is the best editing tool. You can edit your videos and images and create your graphic motions. You will have the opportunity to sell your editing skills on this platform. This is the complete package editing tool. You don’t need to pay charges for each item. This is the free mod version. 

If you face any problems while downloading or installing this application, contact us at [email protected]Our representative will guide you and resolve your issues. 

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