In this era video editing has becomes a trend and a lot of people do video editing as a profession and video editors use a lot of applications for editing but they face so many restrictions and limitations while using these application so video editor get disturbed due to these restrictions.AlightMotion Apk is a one of the best video editing application in all over the world because it offers numerous options to its users for creating unique video animations and graphics.The fascinating options of this application allow its users to create video graphics and animations in a unique style.Alight Motion has almost 2000 inbuilt fonts and blending mode.

Alight Motion APk


Note textThis amazing application has a multiple layers of graphics and it also supports vectors and bitmaps and this function is helpful in editing vector graphics.Alight Motion has a amazing customizable building block effect and also has more than 100s of visual effects.Users of Alight Motion Pro has also an option to export MP4 files Or GIF Animation in high quality. gbgb

Additional Information:

App Name Alight Motion
Version V5.0.38.102932
File Size 141MB
Get It On google play
Total Download 100M+
Latest version 3 Hours



Alight Motion provide a plenty of features and functionalities to its users and by using these features users can edit the picture or video in a very attractive and unique style.They can adjust color in picture and as well as in video and many more.Now we will elaborate all the features of this application one by one.


Share on Social Media Platforms:

Many people like to share their work on video editing applications but There are limitations on various video editing applications on the internet there is no restriction on sharing edited videos on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, Tik tok, Dailymotion and Pinterest and many other social media platforms.

Save Videos In HD Quality:

People think the edited videos will not save in the storage of their phone but this is not true. The users of AlightMotion APK Pro can save high-quality videos in their phone storage. The resolution of the video remains HD. The method of saving the video is very easy you just select an export option and high-quality video will be saved to the storage of your phone. Users can export the edited video in MP4 or GIF animations.

Friendly User Interface:

There is a large collection of video editing applications on the internet that are very complicated and their interface is not very attractive but Alight Motion APK has a very attractive interface and users are really attracted to this application just by its interface. Alight Motion Mod APK is a very stunning and convenient video editing application.

Alight Motion APk


Addition of Stuff in Videos:

The users of Alight Motion Mod can add any text to their videos. Users can also add images and many other elements to their videos. The more the video is edited the more professional it looks. That is why many professionals like to use Alight Motion Pro to create outstanding videos.

Library of Templates:

Templates can make next-level videos. Templates are very important to create professional-looking videos. Users put templates in their videos and the videos become more interesting and stunning. Alight Motion APK is a very professional video editing application and its features are very outstanding.

key Frame Animation:

Keyframe animation is very important for the animation of video, audio, or image. With the help of a keyframe, users customize fluid motion that eases their animation. This fluid motion is very important for the animation of the video as it makes the video very smooth. This is a very outstanding feature of Alight Motion.

key Frame Animation:

Users of Alight Motion Mod can enjoy mind-blowing effects on their videos. Users can put effects on their videos and make them more interesting and professional. With the help of this library of effects, you can put an eye-catching effect on your video. There are hundreds of visual effects. The color correction feature is very stunning; it can change the color of the image or video. This is very professional feature of Alight Motion

Legion layer Graphics:

The Alight Motion APK has many layers of graphics. It is a very dazzling video editing application. Vector graphics are also available to edit your videos. In Alight Motion users also enjoy bitmaps. Users can enjoy all these features on their mobile phones. They don’t need a heavy pc to edit their videos. This is a very impressive feature of Alight Motion.

Masking Feature:

This is a very useful feature of AlightMotion APK. In the process of masking users can change the specific video section and mask the background of this video with another video. This is a very professional way of video editing. This is a very rare feature available in Alight Motion. This feature is unbelievable.


Can Alight Motion Affect my Cell Phone?

Yes,Alight Motion is a safe and secure application and free from all types of viruses and malware so it can not affect your cell phone.Personally I tested this application on many devices in different ways but it does not affect any device so you can use it without worrying about your cell phone.

Is Alight Motion available only for Android?

No,one of the best things about this application is that it is available for both Android and IOS.Users can download and use it on any device.

Do I have to pay some money in order to use Alight Motion?

No,AlightMotion APK is a completely free of cost application and users can download and enjoy all its features without paying anything.

Last words:

AlightMotion APK is a one of the best video editing application in all over the world because it offers numerous options to its users for creating unique video animations and graphics.The fascinating options of this application allow its users to create video graphics and animations in a unique style.Nowadays a lot of people do video editing as a profession.Like me if you are also a lover of video editing then I suggest you to download and use Alight Motion because it is best video editing application as compared to other applications.You can free and safely download Alight Motion from our website and its downloading link is given on this page.