Alight motion is an editing application that provides multiple features to modify your images and their beauty. You can also cut, add and remove unwanted things from your videos. If you want to enjoy the editing must download the alight motion mod apk for android. 

In this article, we discuss the splitting of videos in alight motion. Split means adding, removing, cutting, or swiping the different parts of videos in the same video. You can remove unwanted parts of the videos in the split section of alight motion. Create the video into two parts and work on the part you have to edit. 

Why do you want to split the video in alight motion?

As we already discussed in the upper section of the column, many people don’t want the same and the whole video to keep it safe. They want to edit it or make it a highlight of the event. This split tool will fulfill your real desires related to your requirements. When you split your video, you will feel easy to edit it.

How can splitting videos be useful? 

This is a very useful tool for editing the application, and you can make changes at the start of the videos and in the last too. When you create the video into two parts, you can change the transition of both parts. If you want to change the effects of both parts, you may easily do it. 

How to split the videos in alight motion?   

Follow the given steps so you can easily split your videos. 

  • First, you must have the alight motion application on your android phone. 
  • Click to open the application and create a new project in alight motion. 
  • Import the video in a split section.
  • Select the part that you want to split. 
  • Add a split layer to it. 
  • Make changes that you want in the split section. 
  • Export your project. 

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